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I’ve continued my stay in the Bellevue RV park, mostly working on personal projects – mostly the web site and blog.

This morning I’m following the story of the girl – Abby Sunderland – adrift in the Indian Ocean. This young sailor is trying to sail around the world in a small boat. The mast of her boat came down in a storm and 20 hours of silence followed. The young sailor has now been spotted by search planes and rescue boats are on the way.

Yesterday was the 100th day of my 100 day required break-in-service from Microsoft, and on that very day I signed a contract for a new assignment at Microsoft which will begin on July 1. I’ll be going back for another stint with the old team in the Media Center group, and I’m mighty happy about it.

My friend Ai-chan will be returning to Japan on June 30 after studying in the Seattle area for several years. Ai has been my buddy for more than 3 years now and things will certainly be a little different when she’s gone. Many of the international students that I’ve met over the last couple of years have been though Ai… Aya, Kanako, Keiko, Ayaka, Chihiro…  This past Sunday evening a “coffee” at Starbucks and dinner at Red Robin was enjoyed, with Ai-chan and some of her new friends – Ayumi, Yukari, Maki, and Saki. Speaking of Kanako… Kanako (who returned to Japan back in March) asked me to meet and be “tour guide” for her friend “Katakana” during Katakana’s 10 hour layover in Seattle. So, on Tuesday of this week I met Katakana at SeaTac Airport while she was on her way to Toronto to take an exam for her upcoming graduate studies. I took Ai-chan along with me and we had a nice time showing Katakana some of the sights around Bellevue and Seattle.

During this 100 day break the sun breaks have been few and far in between. The temperatures have remained cool with rain nearly every day. The heater is on this morning, as has been the case every morning so far this season. The Seattle Times confirmed the pattern a couple of days ago:

The official Seattle temperature has yet to reach 75 this year, making it the slowest start to the sunny season on record.

The previous record was in 1991, when the temperature didn’t reach 75 until June 9.

That’s my report…