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It’s been almost 13 weeks since my most recent contract at Microsoft ended. 90 days. Three days into the break I checked in to a little RV park beside I-90 in Bellevue and here I’ve remained comfortably based ever since, having not left the Seattle area the whole time. The RV park has a nice hot tub and pool, and the Bally Gym is just across the freeway. I can walk down to the grocery store, a steak house, a Thai restaurant, a coffee shack, a Korean barbecue, and an ice cream shop. I’ve been able to keep Bigfoot parked a lot more than is usually my way.

I started this break with vague notions of travel, but instead, I’ve stayed put and worked at catching up on personal projects, including my website. I’ve had lunch with former co-workers nearly every week, attended the Cascade Mountain Man Show and a Vietnamese wedding, picked fiddleheads, and worked on those personal projects. After two weeks in the shop my bicycle was restored to good-as-new condition and I’ve enjoyed riding the hills around this part of Bellevue. Some days I’ve had visitors, some days I’ve worked at the laptop and barely stepped outside.

The weather’s been mostly cool and fairly wet, with plentiful late season snow in the nearby mountains (which on clear days I can see from this place). Today is May 31st, Memorial Day, the first weekend of the Summer season, and there hasn’t been a day yet without the heat being on for at least a little bit. But I’m not complaining about that.

That’s my report…